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Facing Addiction: Loved Ones (part 2)

April 11, 2022 Victor Stiff Season 1 Episode 6
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Facing Addiction: Loved Ones (part 2)
Show Notes

Part Two 
Victor Stiff is a Toronto-based entertainment journalist.   Victor continues (from part 1 of Loved Ones) to reveal his experiences around the impact of family members' drug use as he tries to support them,  as well as his efforts to look after his own mental wellbeing.

WARNING! This podcast may be triggering to some audiences. Audience discretion is advised.   If anything you heard in this podcast is triggering for you, please go to for a list of mental health resources.

Facing Addiction

Series Guests
Cassandra Smith, Colin H. Johnson, Louis Taylor, Adrian Hayley and Victor Stiff.

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Lana Lovell 

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SAADA STYLO - Saada Branker

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